Thursday, September 30, 2010

new hair colour^^

my new hair colour

finally i transfer to new work place...
im ok wit the work place n make new frens there^^
tis year is the year i gt 2 bouquet of flower^^
its quite many to me ady..
last9 went kota damansara to dye my hair..
straight go after my work..from 10.50pm n my hair done at 1am..
but im happy cuz i love tat colour..

countdowning my bday~
stil gt 4days to go~~

Thursday, August 26, 2010

working life~~

working now..
i do enjoy tis job cuz i love make up n cosmetic..
n i noe new frens here..
all my pretty n cute little babes<3
they r friendly n cute..
but my legs are tired n pain sumtimes=(
reli long time din blog bout my things..
miss my blog suddenly..

tmr goin to work full shift..
rest earlier..
good9 ..

Saturday, June 26, 2010

im bak!!

hey guys! im bek from redang!
3 days 2 nights trip=)
i enjoyed it so much..
knew so much new frens there..
i hope my nxt trip wil cuming soon..haha
i hope to go BALI!!
plan 1st..haha
im graduate..n its time to find job=(
no more study life..stress work life is cuming..

Sunday, June 13, 2010

baby..would u hold me tight?

r u..?
the one..??
shud i..??
trust u..??
will u hold me tight..??

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

RIP uncle~

today i got a bad bad news!!
my uncle passed away due to an accident..
i cant believe it when my mum told me..
i felt it happen so sudden..
i cant stop my tears!!
he take k me when my dad is not around..
he ever help me took my report card when im in secondary..
he always joke around wit me..we r like frens..
but now he leave us..

i mis him..
the last time i met him was chinese new year..T.T
RIP uncle..
i wont forget u..u r always in my heart..
i think every year of my birthday i wil think of him..cuz his birthday is a day before mine..

dun wori frens..i wil b alrite..
n thx for ur adolescence..

especially to my baby boy..
he noe tat i cry for tis..he noe im sad..
he rush to my hse after his class juz to look for me..
sumore tat time rain heavily..
dear..i noe u wil b there whenever i need u..
i feel so touch..
i wil appreciate ur love..
u told me my uncle send me a gift before he leave..tats u~

Monday, May 17, 2010

chloe is bek

i think i left my blog for a period..
n now im bek=)
many sad things happen to me..
but its already pass tense..
cuz...i enjoy my life now..
he found me..
he drag me out of the painful..
he ask me to wake up n dun be stupid anymore..
thx my dear..
u make me feel tat im being protect by u..
i cant believe tat we met each other after few years later..
thx baby..

p/s to sum1 : i have my great life now..n u got ur life..n u got her..juz appreciate wat u have now..n i wil appreciate wat i have now..i wont look bek for the past..u get wat i mean? dun tell me tat u stil miss me or wateva shit..dun be selfish..n dun leave bad imagination of u to me..